The 30 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Ajman all in UAE

Yes, it is very important if you are planning to move there.  It is illegal to drive out there without car insurance.  Though, it carries laws that are varied to each other.  Don’t forget to make sure that your car insurance is the right one.

It is the amount that you are supposed to pay whenever you make the claim.  For instance, if you were on a mistake and your excess was 900AED and your damaged bill is 4000AED, you would pay only 900AED and your insurance company would pay the rest of the amount 3100AED.  If the damage was around 900AED, you would this entire bill on your own.  On the other hand, if your motor was irrecoverable then you would have to pay the excess that will be deducted from the final payment that your insurer paid to you.

Your premium is how much you pay for your cover. This is calculated based on things like age, gender, driving experience and the type of car you’re driving. Because of that, everyone’s premiums are a bit different.

Choose a payment schedule that suits you, with options to pay your annual premium fortnightly, monthly or once a year, with multiple payment methods available, including Direct Debit, Credit Card and PayPal.

InsuranceTopUp.com is a Brand Name of Noble Insurance Broker LLC. INSURANCE TopUp is a technology platform, where we able to streamline the insurance policy process to easy and we help our clients to understand, their policy. We’re partner with leading UAE insurance companies.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your cover at any time and your premium will change accordingly. We’ll post or email the revised policy documents to you once the changes have been made. If you’d like to change your cover, please email us or call us

Renewing your car insurance policy with a different provider this year? You will be asked to submit your car registration details (Mulkiya), your driving License copy, your emirates ID copy, UAE visa copy, and No Claims certificate (if you have).

If you’ve decided to renew your policy with the same provider, you can skip most of this documentation and simply provide them with details of your existing policy to proceed with the renewal.

We offer two levels of car insurance cover:
Comprehensive Insurance cover offers you the highest level of protection. You are covered for accidental damage, fire, theft or malicious damage to your own car, as well as any damage you cause to other people and their property.

Third Party Only cover is the lowest level of protection available. You are covered for any damage you cause to other people and their property. Your car is not covered for any type of loss or damage.

You can purchase the policy of your choice by clicking “Next” on the comparison page for your chosen insurer, then clicking “Buy Now”. This will take you to the insurance provider page (you already choose) here you will check all the cover information then clicking “Processed Now”  where you will have to confirm your details, choose your payment method (COD, Credit Card or PayPal) and finally enter your card details.

You can expect to receive auto insurance quotes from around 3 to 5 companies

We offer multiple online payment methods, including:

  • Credit Card issued by Visa / MasterCard / American Express
  • Debit Card issued by UAE Banks
  • PayPal
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Net Banking / Online Transfer

Your security is very important to us. We work closely with our delivery team to ensure Cash-On-Delivery orders are safe.You will be required to sign an invoice upon delivery, which will confirm and ensure the collection of your cash. If paying by debit or credit card, Sephora provides safe and secure checkout by encrypting your credit card information using SSL Service.  For more information please read “Privacy Policy” & “Terms and Conditions”.

Our main aim is to ensure that our customers are back on the road as soon as possible. However, we know that insurance fraud is a reality and that a very small number of people provide false details in order to make up (or inflate) car insurance claims. We believe that it is important that we identify these people and avoid pay such claims because they affect the cost of motor insurance for everybody.

There are a number of insurance industry databases through which we share information with other companies about claims and known fraudsters. We also share some information about car insurance fraud with other companies within the financial industry, the police and other bodies where the law allows us to do so.

If the incident is not your fault and we make a full recovery from the responsible person, your no claims discount will be unaffected. However, if an incident occurs which is not your fault, and we are unable to recover the cost, your no claims discount will be reduced at the renewal of your policy.

For each incident settled against you, you will lose 2 years No Claims Bonus. So, if you started your policy with 5 years no claims bonus and had an accident that was your fault, you would still have 3 years no claims bonus at the start of the next policy term.

If the incident is your fault your no claims discount will be reduced. However, your no claims discount may be protected if you have paid extra.

In the event of a theft claim your no claims discount will be reduced, as it is unlikely we will locate the culprits and recover the cost.

We will do our very best to encourage the other driver that the accident was their fault by presenting them with all the evidence we have gathered and that you provided us with.

We will always contest your corner, but no occasions if the evidence does not fully support also driver’s version of the incident, everybody involved may have to take some responsibility. If this happens we will negotiate the best possible settlement with the other driver.

If you have comprehensive cover we will arrange the repairs to your vehicle (or an inspection it is likely to be total loss) and we well also handle the other driver’s claim as quickly as possible.

If you receive any correspondence from the other driver, or their insurers, please forward it to us and we will respond on your behalf.

First priority is to get your car repaired, or a settlement to your if it is a total loss (write-off).

After this, we will try to recover our expenditure from the person responsible for the accident. If we are successful then making the claim will not affect your No Claims Bonus.

This is the part of the claim that you agree to pay we cover for the remaining amount. When you report the claim we will remind you of the amount of your excess. Details can also be found in your policy schedule.

Comprehensive – this gives you both of the cover elements below and also covers accidental damage to your car.

Third Party only – covers you for claims made by other people for bodily injury or damage to their property following an accident.

Yes! you need to report the incident to the police in the following conditions:

  • If the car is stolen
  • If the car has been broken into
  • If the car has been maliciously damaged
  • If someone has been injured as a result of the incident
  • If you feel an illegal act has taken place

It depends on the type of modifications. Please call us  for modified Car Insurance on +971 4 2485886 for further detail. It’s important to note that a standard parts replacement clause applies to all modified cars.

Yes, we cover if your car is registered in the UAE. please call +971 56 554 3022. If you are buying your car outside the UAE and require cover to return home, insurance will need to be arranged in the country of purchase. For further detail please call us on at +971 4 248 5886